Mclaren P14 news : the 650S replacement

Mclaren P14 news : the 650S replacement - sell your car on

It has been well known that McLaren is replacing the 650S with a new model codenamed P14, the P14 is expected to be unveiled in the Geneva motor show in March this year, Mclaren has stated that is will be double aerodynamically efficient compared to the 650S with improvements in down force by 50%.

Mclaren released an image on its website giving a sneak preview of the design highlighting the rear wing, the P14 will be definitely a high light of the Geneva motor show when its revelled on March 7th.

Mclaren has also disclosed the P14 will be using a revolutionary new dihedral door structure, they have also said the P14 will incorporate Mclaren P1 diffuser technology.

The doors will feature two integrated air ducts within its structure, one forcing cooling air into the radiators, the other drawing air out of the front wheel arch to create down force. Form and function, working together to raise the limits of what a supercar can achieve. This has also helped to increase cooling by 15%.

Its is expected it will still be using v8 twin turbo engine but with an increase in power hopefully over 700bhp. The P14 will also weigh 1283kg.

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