New Porsche Cayman GT4 4.0 spotted

New Porsche Cayman GT4 4.0 spotted  - sell your car on

Porsche's sequel to the Cayman GT4 was captured in winter testing. The original GT4 became a popular model in the Porsche line up due to its engaging drive. There is an expectation that the new GT4 will have the 911 GT3 engine which will make it incredible drive.

The older Porsche Cayman GT4 (and its Boxster Spyder counterpart) felt that Porsche might be holding back the true potential of this model as it didn’t want it too compete with the Porsche 911.


The GT4 will undoubtedly have less power then the 911 GT3 but we wait to see how much Porsche will turn down the dial on this model.

The indications are great if you're expecting for the wail of a naturally aspirated flat-six of 4-litre capability and around 500bhp.

We expect the cost for the Porsche GT4 to rise over the £80k of this prior one and closer to the £112 911 GT3. For many Porsche GT enthusiasts the price rise is not a concern. We at cant wait to hear more news on this model.

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